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Posted 25 December 2021 by Suntek, in Solar Power

Replacing Your Roof? It’s a Great Time to Add Solar

Replacing Your Roof? It’s a Great Time to Add Solar

Solar panels are a brilliant way to save money on your energy bills. They are a green, environment friendly, alternative to traditional energy sources that can help you lower your carbon footprint. If you're thinking about upgrading your roof, like many other Indian homeowners do each year, you might want to consider adding solar panels as well. Rooftop solar panels have recently gained popularity among a wide range of consumers, owing to their widespread availability and decreasing costs. Roofing issues, on the other hand, are a severe concern that many customers confront during the installation process. The roofs of the structures are frequently broken or deteriorating. As a result, they are incapable of bearing the weight of the new solar system.

 The Importance of Roof Solar System

You learn about different brands of solar panels, the components used in a solar PV system, and other things while investigating solar panels. However, study articles frequently disregard the issue of roofing. Your roof, on the other hand, is one of the most important parts of your solar PV system.

 This is because every building's roof receives the most sunshine. Some homeowners may opt to have their solar panels installed on the ground, but this would take up a lot of room. Most individuals would prefer not to waste the little area available for their garden and lawn around their home by installing solar panels. As a result, the best area to put solar panels is on the roof of the house.

Many people are unaware that their roof is more than just a collection of tiles or shingles affixed to the top of their home. Instead, it's a complicated system that includes roof trusses, decking, frame, water barrier, insulation, shingles, or tiles. Damage to any of these layers might undermine the entire roof's stability, rendering it unsuitable for solar panel installation. So, how can you know if something is wrong with your roof? We'll go over it in more detail.

Can Solar Panels Be Used Instead of a Roof?

Solar panels are simple to install on top of an existing roof, but since your roof is made up of more than just the visible portion, it wouldn't make sense to use them as your primary roofing material. 

Solar shingles can be utilised as part of the roof itself, while solar panels can be used in addition to the roof. 

Solar panels require a lot less time to install than an entire solar roof made of tiles. They'll also be less expensive up front, which appeals to many individuals but doesn't mean they're the ideal decision.

The Benefits of Solar Energy

When you replace your roof with solar panels, you'll get the following benefits for years to come: 

  • Reduce your utility bills.
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Reduce rising energy prices
  • Reduce your carbon footprint.
  • The grid will benefit.


Getting a New Roof and Adding Solar Panels

If you're thinking about upgrading your roof and installing solar panels, you'll want to weigh all of your alternatives in order to make the best decision possible. 

After all, you might need a new roof, and solar shingles could fit into your budget! Alternatively, you may not require a roof replacement and merely wish to install solar panels. 

In either case, we're here to assist you in your quest for alternative energy and a secure house.

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